The truth is out there ... in South Elgin?

Pulse: Is South Elgin hiding a secret of extraterrestrial proportions?

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A YouTube video suggests the government may be using the construction of the Stearns Road extension and bridge bridge over the Fox River to cover up UFO activity.

You Tube: The South Elgin UFO Files: Declassified
You Tube: The South Elgin UFO Files: First Contact

"It would seem likely on many levels," according to the first of two installments of "The South Elgin UFO Files."
The videos, posted on YouTube by user SFVAfilms, suggest the government may be using the road and bridge construction extending Stearns Road over the Fox River to McLean Boulevard to cover up UFO activity.

In the first, "De-Classified," the narrator notes the Fox River Trail through Jon J. Duerr Woods in South Elgin was closed in 2009. The barricades around the site were moved back again in 2010 to a one-mile radius around the site.

"The extension was just large enough to be used as a landing strip for vehicles with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities," he said.

There is a storage shed on the site large enough to house such a craft, and the area is concealed by the trees in the forest preserve and the lights from the construction zone, he continued.

The second video, "First Contact," was posted earlier this week.
It shows what the narrator describes -- and it is difficult to discern -- as a metallic object spinning on a vertical axis in the sky above McLean Boulevard and Spring Street. And it's moving in the direction of the construction site at Jon J. Duerr Woods, the narrator said.

"Is the government aware that these objects are operating in our skies? Are they involved in a cooperative effort to assist them with landing operations?" he probed.
We may never know. YouTube user SFVAfilms declined to be interviewed, and the Kane County Forest Preserve District could not be reached for comment.



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