The ultimate 'God Mode' list: 39 secret Windows 7 shortcuts


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The ultimate 'God Mode' list: 39 secret Windows 7 shortcuts
For some reason that only the gods of the blogosphere can explain, an old Windows trick took on new life this week. If you create a new folder using an arbitrary name, followed by a period and the GUID {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}, you end up with a categorized list of Control Panel tasks.

As I explained last weekend, there’s nothing new or hidden in this list, but calling it “God modeâ€￾ seems to have given this tip wings. Even Steven Sinofsky got into the act, sending a list of 15 additional GUID-based shortcuts to my colleague Ina Fried at CNET.

So, that must be it, right? If Sinofsky has spoken then surely there can’t be any more.
Ha. I had compiled a list of these shortcuts for use in Windows 7 Inside Out but cut this section for space reasons. (It is slated to appear in the Deluxe edition, due next year.) I found that list the other day and just finished testing all of these shortcuts on a pair of clean Windows 7 installations.

Here, then, is my Ultimate List of ‘God Mode’ shortcuts for Windows 7.

As with the other shortcuts, the process of turning one of these GUIDs into a shortcut that opens a shell folder or Control Panel item is straightforward.

Start by right-clicking any empty space on the desktop or in a folder.

Right-click and choose New, Folder.

Type the name you want to appear under the shortcut, followed by a period and then the GUID shown in the list here, complete with curly braces on either end. Press enter and voila, you’re done.

I’ve divided the list into two groups:


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