The user name or password is incorrect (when logon to home network)

I use laptop in office & there I logon to a local domain. Now when I reach home (with wireless lan taking over) I could not logon with same credentials. This issue was not there in my earlier laptop with windows xp.

This problem does not appear when my home wifi conenction is down. Which means system allows to login in offline mode but does not allow if you are on a different network. What I wanted to make sure if this is a genuine control in windows 7 or a bug or I have to do some config changes?

Can anyone help.



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Could you be a little more specific about your connections and which is exactly having the problem?

For instance you say when you are home your wireless takes over, but you cannot logon (to what). If the problem does not appear if the wireless is down, which network are you trying to log on to?

You might post a picture of your Network and Sharing Center using the snipping tool and attach using the paperclip. You can edit out any personal data prior to posting.

Thanx for the reply

My question was related to cached credentials which can be used to logon when you disconnect from your corporate domain / network & can be used to logon when you are home.

Until XP it was ok but now with windows 7 this is not happening. My analysis says that If I shut down the system (when I disconenct from office network) after turning off wifi & then logon at home it works but if my system detects home wifi network during booting (before logon) then it disallows.

Pls excuse me if I still could not elaborate to your satisfaction



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Are you using wireless in both locations?

In the Network and Sharing Center, for a wireless connection, if you click on Connect or Disconnect, you should be presented with available networks to join.

I know nothing about Domain type operations, but you should see an entry for your home network which should be set up with you logon info. I am assuming you have the wireless set up for DHCP..

If you are trying to join your home network and it isn't working, a look at the IP address being set into the wireless adapter might help. If you feel funny about any personal information, just tell what the addresses are for and if they look correct.

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