The weirdest problem I have ever seen, Moden causing system lockups?


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This is going to take a bit of explanation.

So three days ago I installed crysis, i know its been 3 years. That is the last change I made to my system until today. Today, my modem started loosing and gaining connection every 5 min or so. I called up comcast and asked them what to do. The tech suggested that the modem was faulty and that I get a new one. So I ran out to the local comcast location and got a new one. So I plug it in as usual, and then my system locks up.

I thought that was a bit odd so I rebooted and then after I put in my password, none of my startup programs ran. Thinking logically I unplugged the modem and restarted the machine. Everything worked just fine. So I plugged it back in and another lock up.

I decided something was wrong with the modem and got another new one. Same thing happened with this one again. Then when I restarted this time I couldn't even get into windows. All I got was a white screen after I put in my password.

I did a system restore and things seem to be working fine, but it's only been about 20 min. If anyone can shed some light onto this madness I would be very appreciative, because my range of knowledge is limited.

I am running windows 7 x64

System specs are as follows
wolfdale e8500
Foxconn Blackops motherboard (yes its model name is blackops)
2 ati hd4850's in corssfire
2 gigs of patriot ddr3 ram (i forget the model number but I did a compatibility check when i bought it)
WD raptor 150 gig hdd

thanks to anyone who helps in advance!


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Interesting issue. And I don't really have a clue, but I would like to know, did the system restore take you back to a point before Crysis was installed?


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Could be, can you run it. System restore, might have just got rid of the registry entries and perhaps some files in the system32 folder and left the program files intact. Just a gues.