The World's worst OS

OK this is a topic for the pure speculative enjoyment of it, if you are a practical type just skip this post. If someone knows of any modern OS worse then this please let me know.e couple of friends of mine are contemplating the design of an interface for a jail broken PCM from a 2001 Ford Taurus, but I honestly don't think any OS from even 2012 has made very many developments in the last 11 years. Many cars from 10 years ago can be considered throw away cars, just because of the simple fact that any computer will accumulate errors with anew PCM and it will cost you 3,000 dollars easy. If my friends are successful with what hey want to do, you will be able to buy an interface for your car that will allow you to bypass your car's PCM and plug directly into your laptop. Then you download the software that comes with the interface, and you will have access to almost any tweak you can think of in operating your car's engine. What you can do with essentially a jail broken PCM is full of the most exciting and fascinating possibilities imaginable.

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