theme keeps changing after fall

i have a laptop with windows 7 and after a small drop from not very high up every time i restart windows my theme goes back to windows classic theme and my computer freezes then it will go back to my theme and i can get online and stuff but then my computer starts freezing and it switches back to classic theme about every 20 min i have no restore points now either i ran a virus scan and nothing showed up how can i fix this and keep all my data i do not have a restore cd how can i stop it from freezing and save all my stuff on my computer any ideas of what i can do please help i only had this computer for 3 months i also get a error every now and then that says windows explorer has stopped working i did not drop it from very high i was putting it in my laptop case and it fell on the floor not a very far drop so why is this happening :broken_heart:


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Hi Nutsohairy :)-)).
It sounds like you have damaged the drive. Although HDU's these days are pretty solid dropping them can still damage them, even a little drop as you say.
Try doing a drive scan for bad blocks and see if that picks anything up.


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I would double check and reseat everything you you can, Ram, HDD etc. Most laptop's have access panels on the bottom to access Ran and HDD. Try these first.

i took the hard drive and memory out and made sure they was in place how do i do a drive scan i know some about computers and fixed most of the problems i had in past but this problem i cannot figure out what is going on the day before i dropped it i turned it on and all my stuff was gone so i restarted it and everything was back to way it was and as i was putting it in my computer case i dropped it and the next day i turned it on it started doing this i have done just about everything i know to do but i am just lost on this problem thanks for the help so far guys glad there is other people out there helping other :)


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