There is an awesome TV Show called Doctor Who, I love it

There is an awesome TV Show called Doctor Who, I love it, Bold and Energetic. The older Doctor Who was David Tennant, Sorry can't remember the new Doctor Who actor, when Its on again I post the name, Joel Goldsmith made a music theme for Doctor Who and Startrek, very relaxing :D


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Yep - there has been an awesome tv show called Doctor Who since 1963 - it holds the Guinness Book of Records award for the longest running science fiction show in the world:

BBC - Doctor Who - The Official Site


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And Joel Goldsmith was unlikely even out of school when the Dr Who Theme was, as it was composed by the gifted Ron Grainer of the BBC's own Radio Workshop.

Next week... The A Team movie was canny, now if only they would do a tv show of it....lmao

Actually mickey taking aside, you might want to check out the FREE official Doctor Who adventure games, new episodes are released every month, just visit the Dr. Who website for links to the first two which cover daleks and cybermen.

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Yea I suppose that goes with the territory these days, I very much doubt we'll ever get to see a actor as good as Tom Baker do the role for anywhere near as long as he did.

I hope there will be another Season of DoctorWho, I hope the actor doesn't leave, The Doctor thinks Positive and he is Energetic

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