TheWorld browser


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Looking for a lean, mean browser with lots of features, go to below link and try this one.

TheWorld Browser


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I'm surprised that this browser has gone unnoticed!
It is excellent. It seems to have a few opera/Firefox features thrown in and conforms to IEset up. I've yet to falt it - fast and low on resource useage.


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I thought you might have some good words for it. It's kinda of refreshing to find something really neat for a change isn't it? I was absolutely surprised to just find it out of nowhere really. I saw a very small blurb someplace saying it existed. Hopefully this one will only get much better in the future. I noticed one very surprise by the way, Roboform works with this browser flawlessly. Have fun and check you later.


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Yup, great alternative to IE and the like.. Good find!

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