Things I should know about installing Win7 on a SSD?

Hey everyone, I just recently bought a new motherboard/cpu/ram/psu for my computer. I also bought a 64gb kingston SSD. I plan on installing Win 7 64-bit ultimate on this SSD, is there anything I should know before doing this? I'm going to be running all my programs off a 500gb WD cavier black, also are there any programs that won't or can't install onto the 500gb WD drive? thanks guys

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There are several things you will have to do. One of the most important will be to move the Page File to a secondary hard drive, preferably making a separate partition at the beginning of the drive.

There are several tweak programs you can download for free also.

Here's a handy little application that will help you out.

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Here's a good article from Tom's Hardware: Windows 7 and Optimization for Solid State Drives

These should help you with your install. :cool:

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