Things to install after installed Windows 7

Hello everybody!

First of all, tell me if there is a post like this already, so no time to waste!

as the title says, what things should I download after I installed Windows 7 Ultimate (not sure, maybe Pro ) x32? I know things like I will install an Anti Virus (probably Norton), Winrar, Google Chroma/Mazolina, iTunes, CCleaner, Hotmail, Adobe, ... GeForce/nForce update, updates from Microsoft and DirectX.

But what else should I download to make my laptop better, faster?

I'm getting a Windows 7 x32 (Ultimate/Pro 50/50) from eBuy, if I dont find it, maybe Future Shop (ultimate for sure)
and My Laptop features:

AMD Turion(tm) 64 x2 Moblie Technology TL-60
CPU Speed:
2.0GHz Performance Rated at: 3,2 GHz
Video Card:
GeForce 7170M/Force 630M
DirectX version:
Sound Card:
high Definition Audio Device.

its HP Pavilion dv6000 and having windows 7 starter

mostly Im going to play a game called Lineage 2 Freya, its MMORPG, do some homework, watch movies, chat with my friends...


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Anti Virus (probably Norton) ................
But what else should I download to make my laptop better, faster?
Don't install Norton, it sucks and slows down your computer (personal opinion).


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Don't rely on automatic updates for device drivers - set windows updates to advise you of updates but let you select them then reject any driver updates and goto your manufacturer's website to check for updates.

thanks all for reply and opinion,

guess I learned not let windows 7 auto install updates, and dont use Norton for now.

what I was asking before was that things to install like Adobe reader 9, Direx 11 and etc for Windows 7 to perform better, not crash, not freeze and less getting lag, etc. if you know some updates/install like that those ones, please let me know.



After installing W7 install you AV program I recommend Microsoft security essentials Microsoft Security Essentials | Protect against viruses, spyware, and other malware. I would then install Malware Bytes Malwarebytes I then would install Super Anti Spyware - Downloads and Java cools spyware Blaster Javacool Software. I would then run scans on the computer with the AV malware Bytes program and Super Anti spy-ware programs


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Another opinion/suggestion. Maybe hold off on Acrobat Reader (Adobe) and look into Foxit, the reader is also free and doesn't seem to be quite so resource hungry and big-footed. Foxit Software - Foxit Reader for Windows


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I'm just curious, after fresh install of Se7en, why the crud would anyone need to scan it? unless it is from warez site
Handy to have them programs later on though

Feb 22 is release of Windows 7 SP1, I'd wait on installing any updates till then and then install it. Then do your updates the way you like. I prefer to set to notify but let me decide.

One if you are on the internet at anytime prior to the installation of an AV, it is a good idea to scan after you install your AV, and your other spy, malware programs. It is far better to be safe than sorry.

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I have a better trick if you are worried about that. Make sure you have everything downloaded. Unplug the Inet cable during Install

Yes that will work but you will have to go back after AV is installed to activate many programs as most programs now require activation on the net. So it is easier to install 7 then your AV and various other programs run the quick scan feature of your av and other malware and spy-ware programs, then start loading the programs you desire. This way as you are installing the programs are being scanned for any potential virus malware problems, as many users get programs from dubious sites.

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I'm just curious, after fresh install of Se7en, why the crud would anyone need to scan it? unless it is from warez site
Handy to have them programs later on though
From the second you connect to the internet the battle is on between your system and the malware - and you need to be in there first to keep clean.


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I am very anul about security on my PC cause it's mine and I worked to get what I have. When it get's to the point I can be infected while installing WinDoze then we have reached the end of the Internet, turn around and kiss your a$$ goodbye cause nothing will stop it. None of those little toy's will work because they will be smarter than that.

Edit: Felder don't worry about all this do your thing and enjoy 7. Excellent OS. Choose from what was said for your own

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I am very anul about security on my PC cause it's mine and I worked to get what I have. When it get's to the point I can be infected while installing WinDoze then we have reached the end of the Internet, turn around and kiss your a$$ goodbye cause nothing will stop it. None of those little toy's will work because they will be smarter than that.

Edit: Felder don't worry about all this do your thing and enjoy 7. Excellent OS. Choose from what was said for your own
All that maybe true for you those who keeps up their machines up to date but does not apply to the vast majority of users, I still say install W7 then your AV and then your Spyware and malware programs run quick scans and go from there. This is only good preventive measure for the vast majority of everyday users.

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You can't dramatically make your computer faster by installing additional software on it. Your computer will only be as fast as your slowest component. Although, you can make you computing experience better. Here's a list of software I personally like to have installed on my Windows 7 operating system:

  • Windows Live Essentials
  • Microsoft Security Essentials
  • 7-Zip
  • Paint.NET
  • Google Chrome
  • iTunes
  • WavePad Sound Editor
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Adobe Reader

I know that alot of people on this thread have already suggested Microsoft Security Essentials for anti-virus and anti-malware software. I would absolutely agree to that. Security Essentials is fast, has fewer false-positives than many other anti-malware solutions, and it's FREE! I wouldn't install more that 1 anti-virus and anti-malware software on your computer. Microsoft Security Essentials is enough to get the job done by itself.

Windows Live Essentials is also a great addition for your PC. It may have already come preinstalled on your Windows 7 PC, but if you don't have it you may want to get it. It comes with Windows Live Mail for email, Windows Live Movie Maker for video editing, Windows Live Messenger for sending instant messages to people on various networks (Facebook, Windows Live, Yahoo), and much more. It is also free.

7-Zip is a opensource solution for creating and extracting archive files (like rar, zip, tar, wim, and 7z). It is free and it is fast.

Paint.NET has to be one of my favorite image editing programs. It looks great (as it integrates nicely with Windows Aero), it's fast, has tons of effects, it's expandable with plugins, and it's FREE. This is a must-have program for me.

Google Chrome is a web browser by Google that is very fast, simple, safe, and just plain awesome. I would use this over Internet Explorer any day.

WavePad Sound Editor is a program that allows you to record, edit, and mash-up recordings. It is way better than sound recorder. The downside is that it is sometimes difficult to find the freeware version of it. It is free, you just need to find the correct download.

As for the rest of the software I listed, I'm sure everyone knows what they are. Hope this helps.

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I have a list that I have followed for the past 15 years... It has never let me down and has always left me with a smooth running installation every time.. ;) It has also gone through a lot of changes over the years but the most recent version is something like this:

AFTER Windows 7 has finished installing;

-Install ALL required motherboard drivers (Windows 7 does a pretty good job of doing this itself in most cases but of course there are exceptions to everything so check and make sure there aren't any drivers that weren't installed via Windows 7 and install them manually)
-Install Video Card driver (depending on your video card this is usually done via the AMD/nVidia websites)
-Run and install ALL Critical Windows Updates (This is an important one that a lot of people will overlook but it is a good thing to get in the habit of doing)

-Install the latest Directx (This will go through all the Directx files and update as needed)
-Install Adobe Flash Player
-Install DivX codec
-Install Quicktime codec
-Install Java
-Install Adobe Reader
-Install WinRar
-Install VLC Media Player
-Install Nero Burning Rom
-Install an Anti Virus Program

That's the just of the most recent version of my own personal list. Keep in mind this is my own personal preference and is in no way the "right" way to do things.. It is only a suggestion.. ;)

Andrea Borman

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I have got Windows 7 and I am very impressed with it. I bought my first Netbook last April and it had Windows 7 Starter. Which I later upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium,using the anytime upgrade.

Windows 7 is very user friendly and everything in the control panel index is listed from A to Z, and you can always find what you are looking for in Windows search.

When you first get your laptop home from the shop. After you have set it up, the software you get is minimal. Sure you get Windows 7 and all that is needed to run it. But you only get one web browser-Internet Explorer 8, and a media player, Windows Media Player, which is easy to use.

But one web browser is not enough,because sometimes your browser can go slow or crash, so you should not just rely on one web browser. So as well as IE8, the best web browsers to install as additional web browsers are-Pale Moon browser,which is a faster version of Firefox for Windows. Firefox is all right but Pale Moon, and also Safefox is better.

Then you should install a Chrome based browser. I have got Chromium,which is the open source version of Google Chrome. Open source browsers are free,you don't have to pay for them and they are faster. You could also use Google Chrome and Google Chrome Canary. Which is a Windows only version of Google Chrome. I have got Google Chrome Canary on one of my laptops.

Then there is Flock browser,get Mozilla Flock, not the Flock Beta. The current version of Mozilla Flock is Flock 2.6.1 that can be downloaded from C NET.

If you want an Internet Explorer engine based browser, but don't want to use IE8,try Advanced browser or Green browser. These are based on IE's engine,the Trident engine but are not IE. These browsers may be useful for people who want to view websites in IE mode or who need to get onto a site that only lets you on with IE. Although I have never come across a website that has turned me away because I am using Chromium or Safefox. So there are not many of those sites like that now.

Also after you have installed Flock or Safefox to watch videos on video sites like You Tube or My Space,you will need to install the Adobe flash player plug in. But don't worry about this, because as soon as you go onto the video site,Safefox,Flock or Pale Moon or Firefox will offer to install the plug in for you.

There are two types of Flash player-Adobe flash player active X-for Internet Explorer and IE based or Trident engine based browsers,such as Green browser, Advanced browser and others.This is already installed on your computer for IE.

Adobe flash player plug in-for Firefox,Safefox ,Google Chrome and other web kit browsers,Safari,Arora and others.The adobe flash player plug in for Firefox or Safefox is not pre-installed on your computer. But you can install this yourself easy.

Then there is the media player, but Windows Media Player is all right for most people, and will play anything. There is also VLC Media player and Gom Media player,which I have got. But if you want those you will have to download them from the Internet, as they don't come pre-installed like Windows Media Player does.

Then there is the video chat messengers,I recommend Aim Messenger, or ICQ, or both, as they are very user friendly and easy to use. You should also install Google Talk the browser plug in that works with all web browsers new and old. So you can do video and voice chat in G.Mail. Also the desktop chat messenger Google Talk which does voice chat only is handy to have.

There are two types of Google Talk the browser plug in and the desktop version and I have got both.

The rest of the software is included in Windows itself. Windows Update which installs updates and additional software if you want it to. And you can choose how it is run.Choose to install updates automatically or chose never to install updates. In which case then you will have to scan for updates yourself and install them manually.I choose never install updates, so that I do not get unwanted updates, or software on my computer. And with this option I can install updates in my own time,when I want to.

Then you have got Windows Defender and Malicious Software Removal Tool-MRT for short. To scan for and remove viruses. And Windows Firewall,that can be used to stop unwanted software from getting onto your computer. Choose how you want it to run, or turn it off, if you do not want to use it.

So that is the run down on Windows 7, and if you do not want to use IE8 or Windows Media Player. In Windows 7 you can disable these programs by turning them off in"turn Windows features on or off setting." By unticking the boxed beside that program. And if you change your mind and want to use IE or Windows Media Player again. Just go back to Windows features and tick the box to turn it back on again and IE or Windows Media is back.

I uninstalled my Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player from my Windows 7. But that's another story. But just stick with turning the program off if you don't want it. It is much safer. Andrea Borman.

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Oddly surprised nobody mentioned the important one... * make a full system backup once the essentials are installed (drivers and win updates) before adding the non essential apps.

Agree with Highwayman and I actually backup twice to DVD-RW's: 1st the system with all the latest drivers, and 2nd backup after I have added all the software I use.

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