thinking about downgrading to x86

everyone says how fast windows 7 is but it seems just as fast if not slower than xp (my previous version). Its alright here and there but theres just so many small things that seem to take so long to do. I brought up my task manager to see my cpu usage and it jumps from around 10% (what it is around when i'm not doing stuff) to 80 to 100% when i'm doing things as simple as playing music while browsing the web, and on simple web pages. here are my specs

amd athlon 64 bit processor3200+ 2.01 ghz
2 gigs of ram
ati radeon x800
160gb hd

my processor and ram barely make the cake here, so i was wondering if getting the x86 would run better on my comp, or maybe i should look around and try some of these tips and tricks to get it running better. I was worried about this being an issue when i first got windows 7 x64 but figured i'd give it a shot. Anyone have an oppinion?


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Windows 7 isn't faster than xp. It has steeper system requirements. You shouldn't have much problem running the x86 version. It doesn't require as much ram. I ran the 32 bit version (RC) on....

AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 2.09ghz
1 gb pc 3200 ddr
geforce 7600 512 mb agp

It ran fine!!!

yea it just feels sluggish. I may go ahead and try the 32 bit then


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Try going to Start > Run, and type msconfig. Uncheck all boxes except for tour anti-virus, spyware detector, and personal Firewall if you have one.

Also go to Start > Run, and type services.msc and disable services that you don;t use. First Stop the service then set it to disabled.

Check here to show you what each service does:

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