Windows 7 "This computer is not running genuine Windows"


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Jan 16, 2009
Installed with a valid key. Every time I go to the control panel I get "This computer is not running genuine Windows"...

Attempt to click "Resolve" and I get "an error has occurred" code 0xC004F055 "The Software Licensing Service reported that the base SKU is not available."

Online Genuine Advantage activation doesn't work...

When I go to Computer > System Properties, I see:

Windows Activation

Status Not Available
Product ID: Not Available

Any ideas?

(<3 betas)
where did u download the beta version from? What product key did you enter?
I experienced that "problem" on the 64 bit version when I first installed.. however all I did was wait about 1-2 minutes and it popped up, I then clicked "Activate Windows Now" and it activated in about 20 seconds.. so I would suggest waiting for it to pop up, if you haven't already done that of course... :)

If you already did that then I would ask the same question as Iroken22, where did you get your copy of Win 7 Beta from? ;)
I didn't think about it... but I did download the ISO file off mininova while the Microsoft servers were down. I used a properly generated key though... You think this means I need to re-install with a MS download?
Microsoft sees it as not being genuine because it is a beta and there is no "genuine" Windows 7 OS.
Ive attatched a screenshot of the message that i got when testing for authenticity.
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