This Cope of Windows not Valid - on Factory installed Sony Vaio windows 7? How can i resolve issue?

Discussion in 'Knowledge Base (KB)' started by Gary Staley, Dec 24, 2011.

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    Dec 24, 2011
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    I am baffled my mom received a Son Vaio computer last christmas installed with Windows 7. My mom passed away in June, however was not computer literate enough to have reinstalled anything so i can't understand why i am getting the message on build 7600 - This copy of windows not valid - i have the key right on the laptop - how can i correct this problem? there is not an available option on system allowing activation.
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    Hello Gary and welcome to the forum.
    I suppose although you suggest that it is not probable it is possible that either she or someone else may have installed the Release Candidate of Windows 7 Service Pack 1. That version of the Release Candidate will produce the error that you are seeing.
    So double check your installed updates and look for that.
    Control Panel->Programs and Features->Installed Updates
    Sorry to hear about your Mom.
    Kind regards

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