this copy of windows is not genuine

I have been using this installation for TEN MONTHS. I activated SUCCESSFULLY immediately after installation. Why is it only now, after 10 months, that windows tells me it is not genuine?

And why was my original thread closed?


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If it is genuine, just contact Microsoft and they WILL verify it. No problem, I assure you. It may not work by Internet, it sometimes takes a phone call.

BUT, if there's any mess about legality, torrents and such tend to end by age. :cool:

Thanks for the response. Before I could attempt any of that, the message has disappeared by itself. I wonder if Windows is in the background constantly contacting a Microsoft server to "verify" its genuineness, and there was a problem with the server? In any case the message is gone now.
I purchased the Windows disks from a reputable seller, along with the hardware for a system I was building, so as far as I new it was a genuine version. I contacted the seller, and they were quite surprised, and suggested similar actions as you.

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