Windows 8 This is really funny..


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I have a license for Office 2010 Home edition, which is good for 3 computers. One of the computers is the one I have the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Beta) installed on, so I though it would not allow for another install or give me problems when I reverted back to the Windows 7 install.

So, I attempted to download the 60 day trial of Office 2010 and was told it was not compatible with Windows 8.....:crushed:

Would it not make sense for Microsoft, during a beta release, to give exemptions for software installed for the limited install period? I should think, it would help Microsoft and incentivise more folks to install a new, unreleased OS.

Just wondering what the community thought..
So what's the difference that, I was able to put Office 2010 on 8, (it's, already on my 7) w/out any problem?

I'm missing why it won't go for you. If the 60-days is still valid & it's not on more than 3 machines... we, already know, 2010 IS compatible w/ 8.

Help me, out, here... feel dumb, I don't get it :distress:
It may just be the download process, it will not start, just gives me the not compatible message. I have not tried putting my copy on directly.

I think I was just sent a key for a trial version, so I will try using that and install using my media.

I will post back after the install..

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Using my media, Office installed fine. I believe I had selected "Run" from the download site and that is when I got the compatibility message.. which would still be a little strange.

Anyway, everything fine.. Thanks
There seems to be extensive 'Backward Compatibility" too. I just installed Office 2003 on Win-8 with no problems.

That's a nine year old app, running just fine. Eh?
I've thrown several OLD apps at Win-8 and so far, nothing has shot craps. I'm impressed!

Yes, indeed. Windows8's HUGE compatibility base is in regard to both hardware and software.