This really bugs me

I thought I had this fixed, but some peanut told me to go somewhere and download a file, which was a virus. the problem is every time I plug my headphone into the front panel the rear 7.1 surround system mutes. I have set it to play on two different audio streams, but it don't work. New computer, New everything. and everything is updated.

also when I turn the computer off the speakers make a schhhh noise, like a tap burst. No my last two computers didn't have these sorts of problems.:mad::confused:

I know this is not what you want to here but I'll say it anyway.....might be a good time for a complete redo/reinstall and start from scratch.

I have done that heaps of times to sort this and other problems out and this doesn't work.

Then the problem could lie with the mobo itself, something on it could be over heating and causing said issue. Try installing a seperate sound card instead of using the onboard, barrow one from someone if you can otherwise they are not that expensive, around $25.

I have check the temps with Speedfan and AMD Overdrive along with the HM Monitor all temps are below normal. I Put in my Sound Blaster X-FI card and installed the drivers. It works fine But the front audio is giving troubles.

Check the physical connection of the front panel and make sure its seated fully and inspect the wireing for any nicks/cuts that maybe grounding itself. If that all checks out, move front panel connection to another usb header.

The cable checks out fine and no I cannot plug an audio cable into a USB header. Where was you thinking?:rofl::rofl: The only thing is that the front audio cable run along with cold cathodes which they cause audio problems too when they are turned on and a CPU power cable.

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