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My friend it getting the title message when he tries to get to the option that will let him set his password to not expired.

I have no idea what this means, I've never seen anything about Snapins before in all the time I've been using computers.

Searching I found this....

I'd just like to ask if anyone here has run into this, knows what this is all about, and agrees that this is a fix for his problem?

I'd like to have an idea what I'm doing before I try this on his computer.



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Hi Mike,
Snapins have been around since NT5 & Win2k; especially on Server machines such as Server 2000/2003/2008 etc. Not sure about this fix, I'd have to take a look and see what comes up on my W10 laptop and report back. It's certainly possible that W10 removes certain snapins upon upgrade or clean install as we've seen with the REMOVAL of WLM app. on Win7/8/8.1 machines. No rhyme or reason to that. :rolleyes:

You didn't mention in your post what version of W10 your friend is running? Is he on W10 Home, Pro, or Enterprise?
Saw this note in your link:
NOTE : This is applicable only for Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows.

So, if he's on either Pro or Enterprise W10, I'd expect to see this, and the fix sounds like it will work. I don't have those versions installed unfortunately, so can't test for you on those. If he's in W10 Home, sounds like he shouldn't be getting that message at all. o_O

You do know that there are a bunch of snapins installed in earlier versions of Windows going back to Win2k and even some before. Examples are DEVMGMT.MSC, APPWIZ.CPL, RSTRUI.EXE, etc. These are handy cause you can launch the snapins from the W10 start box or Cortana or Run... I use these frequently as they are real timesavers. Then there are the more esoteric snapins such as the SNMP TRAP CONSOLE, etc. :peace:



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Hi again Mike,

Did some quick looking and found this link: WMIC | Tim's Blog

It shows how to get the Password settings up including expiration/expires never up via the Command line. It cleverly uses the NET USER & WMIC commands to do so.

You can check this out and let us know if it helps you to solve your friend's problem. I did verify that the lusrmgr.msc snapin does fail on my W10 Home (on my laptop) and I get the same error message your friend gets. So, I guess we need to know exactly what version of W10 he's getting the message on. If he gets it on Pro/Enterprise edition, you could try this little gem and see if you can bypass the snapin altogether.

**Marc** :nerdie:

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