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Discussion in 'Windows Games' started by coolwalker, Dec 18, 2009.

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    This will sound stupid, but I am having a problem getting into COD4. Now I'm not a noob to COD...been playing it since the very first game the very first year, but I can't seem to get into COD4. I bought a key from you Blizzard (Blizzard, legit you know) and downloaded the full version. I installed every patch from 1.4 or 5 to 1.7 I believe). The game loads, my key is authorized, the game opens and I can see everything. I can pick my weapon and all that but I can seem to play.

    I can see everyone else and toggle thru them but my character just isn't there, you know, with a gun in front of's like perminant spectating when I'm not really spectating. I look at the menu (F4) and I am on a team, but everyone else is in white while my name and everything else on my line is yellow. In CODUO and before you would "Click to Activate"; on this COD4 I don't see that option, so I sit there like a spectator, not being killed or anything, but doing absolutely nothing.

    Doesd you know what I can do. I'm not all that convinced I like that game from what I have observed, but after paying for a key and all, I at least want to get to try least once. So, if you know what I am doing wrong, or what is missing, please tell me. Maybe tell me if I am supposed to see come kind of "Click to Start" or something...I don't know because I'm at a loss. Could it be a patch I'm missing or something gone wrong in the registry. It simply makes no sense to me at all and I am befuddled to say the least!

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