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  1. I was having a really hard time getting the drivers for my Netgear WPN311 wireless ethernet card and my sound card to work with the 64-bt vista beta. Then I stumbled across this thread in a forum: (sry, the address wouldn't turn into a link so just copy and paste it). Turns out my drivers were working just fine, but Vista wasn't letting them do their things because they weren't digitally signed. Right now I am hitting F8 every time windows boots and disabling the need for digitally signed drivers. Tomorrow I'm going to try to make this permanent by using a windows installation CD to access the recovery console and enter "bcdedit.exe -set nointegritychecks ON." I got this all from that link I posted, and it worked like magic. I am hoping this helps people who have been fighting with Vista to get their drivers to work.
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    I have fixed this for you and thanks for the info.
  3. lexmark z645 printer/driver problem

    i bought a lexmark z645 printer and loaded the supplied software on my
    hp dv2000 laptop(windows vista). after finishing loading, it said "software will
    probably not work" and referred to some website. sure enough, i cant use this
    printer with my laptop....what's going on?
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