Windows 7 Threat Accessment?


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Something odd has been going on when watching Hulu videos that have an advertisement by Kay Jewelers, that I don't understand. Adobe Flash Player pops this dialog:

flash 2.png
I'm not quite certain the function of the two buttons, but I'm guessing that "Dismiss" means to abort something, and "Continue" means to keep playing the video without dealing with it. Regardless of which button I choose, the video will continue playing without any further problems, even if the ad appears again, unless the program I use to watch is restarted. The only ad that I have noticed this problem with is Kay Jewelers.

I just want to get a handle on what is happening, and if I should be concerned that this involves some kind of malware?


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The error:
Error #2130: Unable to flush sharedObject.

Could have a few cause, I doubt any of them are malicious, sounds to me like a problem with the ad itself. Poorly written flash code can cause this issue with a variable being set incorrectly, a malformed URL etc..

  1. Check your flash security settings, is this site allowed to store data locally?
  2. What version of flash are you using, is it a beta version or debug version? (list exact version)
  3. Does the problem go away if you uninstall flash and install the latest stable version?


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Hulu is set to be able to use 100KBs, but is currently using only 9KBs. Flash version is the latest stable version (11.9.900.152). I haven't reinstalled flash since this problem began.

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