Three main problems in Win7 RC...

I have three problems with Win7, and am hoping you all can help me:

#1 My computer will not complete a manual shutdown. The power does not turn off. This is even weirder due to problem number 2. (Asus "tweaked" motherboard. Looks like an Asus problem, anyone know a fix?)

#2 if left Idle, (say, overnight) the computer will randomly power itself down completely, shutting everything off. after a while it will suddenly turn everything back on and continue like nothing happened. Power management is turned off completely. *update* seems to be a disk controller problem with the HD trying to sleep or hibernate, not fixed, just disabled.

#3 randomly on bootup, the network card refuses to work. This only started a few weeks ago. it'll find the network, but refuses to talk to the internet unless I disable the card then re-enable it. *Update* I rolled back the network card driver, and no longer have this problem. the problem seems to be in the latest version of the NIC driver.

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Hi Daxius,
first, two questions for ya...
Did you install 7 by either upgrade or fresh install? If you upgraded, try a fresh install.

Also when you burnt the 7 iso, how fast did you burn it at? Any faster than 4x leads to problems..

If the above don't help any, please post back including system details..


You have hardware driver problems. First, I would recomment a clean install (as kemical said) if you have upgraded from Vista or whatever. The final version is floating around on the torrents... it's to late to go use RC.

To see specifically what's hanging up, run Event Viewer and look under the Administrator logs under Custom Views.

The internet connection problems is happening to lots and lots of people who are connected via a router. You can fiddle around with your comuter and windows settings and maybe get it to reconnect but it's much easier to just reboot your router. Unplug it for a few seconds... then when you plug it back in it will connect without needing to reboot your computer.

My issue was very similar to this-the PC would not shut down (Asus Crosshair I). While it seems hardware related I couldn't shut it down without holding the pwr switch. It's a clean install. The odd thing is that my mobo died yesterday. I replaced it with a new Asus M4A79 with the Phenom II 965. Without any changes to the other hardware, the PC now shuts down fine. I suspect it has something to do with the mobo setup.


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Alls well that ends well...:)

Thanks for updating Bolts..

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Install was done on a clean partition, creating a multi-boot with XP. I'm using the RC, 7100 with a serial number entered, and all current patches.

I have no idea what speed the ISO was burnt at, as a friend burnt the disk. I never got around to installing a burner. However, the install has been running for 3-4 months solid, where the network problem only cropped up about 2-3 weeks ago. I just disable and enable the NIC to fix it each time. Yes, I am running through a router.

I know some things about my computer, but not very advanced, really. how do I run event viewer under win7, and is there an easy way to pull out my system specs?


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If you look at my screenshot you'll see how to get to the event viewer.
Your system spec is just the list of your pc components.. Try this free app: Lavalys - Comprehensive IT Security and Management

System Specs:

MB: Asus P5B-E
DualCore Pentium E2140 @1600MHz
2Gig ram
Geforce 8500 GT
Atheros L1 Gigabit ethernet (built onto MB)
Razer Barracuda AC-1 audio card

Event Viewer is showing : The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk1\DR3.


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I wonder what caused it to start acting up? Anyway, do you have a 'Restore point' you could go back to?

Also here is your motherboards web page.. ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

Check to see if any updates (bios or otherwise) are available.

I'll have to get my friend over, I'm comfortable doing a lot, but updating a bios...not gonna risk it flying solo.

No restore point, it just randomly occured once about a day or so after an update to the OS, and seems to be growing gradually more common. (network problem)

I just dug deep and double checked and/or turned off every possible power feature for disabling my hard disks, gonna see if that affects the idle shutdown / crash / reboot problem.


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I had problem number one. I went to the BIOS, set it to defaults, problem went away.

Problem number two might be related to the same issue as problem one.


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Sorry if I'm butting in here to ask my own question. It's just that what I read here brought it up. Does "System Restore" roll back device drivers?

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Hmm.. I guess it would if the original drivers were in place when the shadow copy was made?

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