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Windows 7 Three monitor setup with eyefinity?


New Member
Dec 15, 2012
I'm trying to hook up three monitors to my XFX 7850. From what I've read you need an active display port adapter to accomplish this with two DVIs and one display port to DVI. I have 3 dell p2310H monitors and they all have display ports. If I hook two of them up to the display ports using a standard mini display port to display port cable and the third up to DVI do I still need a special display port adapter to accomplish this? I wanted to check before I ordered the cables from new egg. Thanks for all help.
Not from what I see but I suggest you read the manual that came with the guide. I might suggest you try 1 in DVI, 1 in HDMI, and 1 with an active display port as I see others have been successful with that setup.
The purpose of the display port adapter is for monitors that do not have the the display port connection. So you're go to good. If you need any help setting up eyefinity for game play, just let me know.

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Here's and excellent video on it.
ATI Eyefinity Setup Guide - YouTube
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