three start menus????????? and Desktop


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Can someone explain why there are three start menus??
1. All Users
2. Profile
3. under ProgramData

I understand the reason for one under All Users and each profile - What I don't understand is why some entries are duplicated in each.

I don't understand the ProgramData Start Menu and why Administrative Tools must be in that folder to appear on the Start Menu. It doesn't appear that Games must be in that folder to appear on the Start Menu - but I haven't rebooted since I changed it.

Also, when I moved Administrative tools from my profile to the ProgramData folder it appeared on the Start Menu immediately.
When I made changes to the Games folder, the changes appeared immediately on the All Programs menu but not on the Start Menu.

I also do not understand why, after a clean install, if I rename an icon on the desktop it disappears. Ctrl Z gets it back, and I keep forgetting how I permanently fix it so it doesn't do that any more, but it has to do with what Desktop folder it is in or where it is located. However, at this point I only have ONE desktop folder that has been moved to my D: drive, and ONE desktop shortcut in All Users - other than the templates in Default.

thx for some insight.

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