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Hi, I have had this problem for months now and have searched for a solution many times' I have no thumbnails in video files, photos (jpg and bmp OK) I have not selected do not show thumbnails in folder options!
In my research I was told that dllhost.exe was responsible for showing thumbnails. I have tried scanning the file checker tool in command prompt and it is 100% OK.
Dllhost.exe is not running in services (right click my computer/manage/services and applications/services) should it be, if so, how do I get it running. I tried opening by going to windows/system 32/dllhost but it wouldn't open.
I have Nero (uninstalled and reinstalled) no good! I have no codecs now but I have tried shark's, klite and ffdshow with no success.
If media player is the problem can I uninstall and reinstall? I have Itunes, Quicktime but these were installed when all was OK as was Nero.
I posted this same question on 'seven forums' with no replies, thought I'd ask here! :(
Can someone help? Thanks.

I have Windows 7 upgraded from vista!


Delete all files with the name "thumbcache" in it, at this folder location:




If you or anyone else has a problem with the thumbnails automatically deleting when it's not wanted, follow post #2 here:

Thumbnail Cache Randomly Deleting and Recreating

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