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    I have a small business were i have 8 computer one of them is my file server. I have Tight VNC running on them now for internal remote access. to keep it a shot storie, my router BEFSX51 Linksys being replaced by a Cisco WRVX4400N. I have all my computers setup in port rang forwarding ( server_1 5800 - 5900 protocol both IPadd ect.) I can remote from one to the other's just fine. on the new router when I input the same information I get an error saying I cant have more then one with the same ports even though they have different ip add. also I can only access my server from the internet and would like to access all of them from the internet. what can I do to fix this.
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    I have honestly found RealVNC to be the best one, but understand why you may be using TightVNC. All of the other VNC's are basically a derivative of some version of RealVNC. (Interestingly enough RealVNC has apparently put out a PCI card that lets you remote in without software, so you could theoretically get into the system when the OS is down)

    Anyway you may want to assign static IP addresses to each system.
    So server (example)
    Set static IPs for each computer (, .11, .12) and so forth
    Ensure the software firewall is open for the TightVNC executable
    Place each copy of TinyVNC on a seperate port, instead of using port sharing. I.E. Ensure the computer using the LAN IP .10 is not running TightVNC on the same port as .11
    Port forward all of these new ports, thus giving each system its own port, in the firewall

    While not the best solution, it will ensure uninterrupted access to VNC in for so long as the systems are online and the software is running.

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