Windows 7 Tinker issues running under Windows 7

Discussion in 'Windows Games' started by Ebm9000, Feb 15, 2013.

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    I have problems installing the Windows LIVE game "Tinker" (its free) on my family's computer. It is not available on Steam unlike Flight and AoE online, so I cannot get around this. Whenever I install it using the Windows Live client under an Xbox LIVE GOLD account (under my username "EBM9000"), Windows says that the program may not have installed correctly. I have tried both options ("It did install correctly" and "Install again") and they both lead to the same thing. I click the Tinker launcher, the Tinker logo pops up in the middle of the screen like normal, and then it immediately says "Tinker.exe has stopped working; Windows is checking for a solution to the problem". I try running it under Admin, I try running it under Windows XP compatibility, and nothing works. Can someone help me out here? My old laptop which recently broke has Tinker on it and it worked fine! So I am not sure what is wrong over on this computer...

    Manufacturer: Gateway
    Model: DX4870
    Windows Experience Index rating (1.0-7.9):
    7.4 for the Processor
    7.6 for the RAM
    5.2 for the graphics
    5.6 for gaming graphics
    5.9 for primary hard disk

    Processor: Intel Core i5-2320 @ 3 GHz; normal clock speed
    RAM: 8 GB
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, came pre installed with the PC.

    HELP! I installed all the updates, nothing works!

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