Windows 7 Tiny Windows 7 Annoyance


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Mar 3, 2013
This is just a tiny issue I have, but at the bottom right of my desktop, the text "Windows 7 Build 7601" is displayed. No "Windows is not activated" or anything like that, just that. I've done searches on it, but nothing has been able to help me. Does anyone know how to remove it?

The link on the website just leads to a backup service. Plus, it seems to be for a beta of SP1 anyway.

Well yeah, but i'm not sure it would work for the final build (but the link is broken anyway, so what's the use).

sorry I didn't check the link. Try doing an internet search for removing win7 7601 sp1 watermark. Maybe you'll find one that will help you.

I've looked everywhere... no luck. Maybe the Microsoft website might have it?

EDIT: Found it in the Microsoft forums, which leads to another link, which leads to this one with the fix.
Has something to do with unsigned drivers from what I can see (which makes sense as my PS3 controller uses unsigned drivers)

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