Windows Vista Tips and Tricks: Enabling Aero Glass without a Supported Graphics Card


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:D Hi!!! Believe it or not, there's a way to cheat Vista into using many of the Aero glass effects even if you don't have a graphics card that supports the full Vista Aero theme. Try out this registry edit instead: 1. From the Start menu, type regedit and open the corresponding application. You'll need to provide administrative confirmation if User Account Control is turned on. 2. Now, navigate to this Registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft 3. From there, you need to create a new key and name it DWM. 4. In the DWM key, create a new DWORD value called EnableMachineCheck. 5. Set the EnableMachineCheck value to 0 (false). 6. Create another DWORD value, name it Blur, and set that value to 0 as well. 7. One more to go. Again in the DWM key you just made, create a DWORD value called Animations and set the value to 0 as well. All that's left now is to exit and reboot. The result is an Aero interface, but without the blurring effect that occurs when you're able to see "through" one window to whatever is behind it. Also, to lighten the load on your graphics card, the window animations such as the Mac-like (I went the whole without using the adjective; sorry it's Mac-like) "whooshing" of a window back down to the taskbar. Try this on a graphics card with 64MB of RAM. I think you'll be pleasantly suprised....

hi calestra
I do same as u said
but it didn't worked for me
What was the value set 0(false)
i set 0 hexadecimal
after doing this is there anything else to enable aero effect?????:(

i also tried this but didnt work..

  1. [*]From the Start button, type REGEDIT into the Search box, then press Enter to launch the Registry Editor (regedit.exe).
    Note: If you did not disable UAC (read my "Disable User Account Control in Windows Vista " article) then you will be prompted to consent to the action you're about to perform. Click Continue.
    [*] Locate the following key in the registry:


    [*]Modify the following value (REG_DWORD):


    Change the existing value to 1.
    [*]Modify the following value (REG_DWORD):


    Change the existing value to 2.
    [*]Close Registry Editor.
    [*]Open an elevated Command Prompt window. To open an elevated Command Prompt, click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator. You can also type CMD in the search box of the Start menu, and when you see the Command Prompt icon click on it to select it, hold CTRL+SHIFT and press ENTER.
    [*]In the Command Prompt window, type

    net stop uxsms

    press Enter.

    Wait for the Desktop Window Manager Session Manager service to stop, then type in

    net start uxsms

    press Enter.

    Wait for the Desktop Window Manager Session Manager service to start.
    [*]You *might* need to restart your computer.


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Hi! Sorry, Bad ear ache since massive fires started around my area, makes me sick. I gave you a good source, "Enable Aero Glass" They also have a Hyper Tutorial-How to get Aero theme on Vista Basic on You Tube. It's a home made video. Go to You Tube and search for it on line. I can't get a link with You Tube. You might check with HP, wonder if SP1 is causing any problems. (Just give it a system restore).

:)Hi calestra!
thanx for advice
BY the way I m final year MBBS student
so If u need any advice on OTALGIA I m there!:p

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