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Haha.. we both entered that same suggestion at the same time. When I finished typing yours had just been posted. Maybe someone can do that. I don't see any way to even delete my own message.


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No worries,

I can't delete the message either.

How about that for a list of problems:eek:

I told yu we had similar traits;)


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Windows 7 a lot more stable

Thanks to all the help on this site I have resolved most of my problems and only experience the occasional freeze when i leave my Computer at the login window for a while:p

I don't know which worked but here is what I did
  • stopped all unnecessary software loading in startup
  • upgraded all my drivers via the HP website so my HP system's running Win 7 drivers
  • Upgraded my Outlook and financial package to latest versions as they kept showing up as incompatible and Were giving problems in Vista as well
  • Unplugged all USB devices except printer (has a Win 7 driver) and my backup drive
  • Did the troubleshoot compatibility on all software that was giving problems so those now run as if on Vista.
Thanks for all the help - you guys saved my sanity


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i was tried to do everiting but dosen:t work i have a new leptop HP dv6 whit windows 7 it was everiting ok 1 week and now when i whant to open yahoo mesenger or google or some program everyting open whit windows media center and then appears another page and say again OPEN i open and appears and disappears in continually do so appears and disappears . i go to choouse default programa but i can not do nothing please can enybody help me thank you


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yes i scanned everyting run normal only the problem is because i was try to open the movie whit another program not media player that it was windows media center now all my program what i have instalation in leptop like yahoo mesenger , google earth 3d., to understend everytyng what i whant to open from my pc everiting open whit windows media center . i try to give clik right and open whit another program or to delete the default programs but nothing works and when i open internet explore a new page appers another page small which tell mee to open is like to warning me and the page have wrrite FILE DOWNLOAD . SECURYTY WARNING , to can open the new page from internet explore but is not WARKING nothing i think is something whit CHOOSE DEFAULT PROGRAM because there i was open the video which i was to see and i was put open whit windows media center and now everiting open whit windows media center inclusiv the picture folder but not working and all my icon from my programs have now the icons from windows media center maybe somebody understend me an give me a answer how to make the problem thankyou and sorry because i dont wrrite so good english


Still sounds kinda fishy...
I had a Trojan that did something like that one time and I tried everything. I had to run Shexview to find out what was running and turn it off and then run a virus scan to find it and remove it.


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I think a "clean " install is In order.

Be aware, you'll need to re-install all you 3rd party programes


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Many people asking for help with Windows 7 are not providing enough information for their question to be answered reasonably.

An easy way to provide this information is to:

Launch System Information:
Go to -> Start -> Search -> Type msinfo32 and press enter

Provide important information depending on the problem you are having:

Windows 7 Build
This will be listed under Version. For example, the RTM will appear as 6.1.7600 Build 7600, while the leaked SP1 build will appear as 7601 v.153

32 or 64 Bit
This is listed under System Type. You will either have an x86-based PC or x64-based PC.

Other information that you may want to list depending on the type of problem you're having:

Computer Model
Hard Drive
Graphics Card
Downloaded Beta From
Other OS on the Computer
Software Installed

This will help provide people with an accurate description of your problem. In System Information, you can also go to File -> Export and save this information to a text file. You could then attach this file to your post which would give detailed information on your system.


Please also use the Search feature as someone may already have posted on a problem similar to yours recently.

Link Removed due to 404 Error

You can now fill out additional details in the User Control Panel which will show your stats to the world on every post you make. To do this, simply go to "Link Removed due to 404 Error" in the Link Removed due to 404 Error and fill out any fields you want to show on your profile.

You can use different online services and software to find out your computer details, or you can contact the manufacturer you bought your computer from, like Dell or HP.

Additional note:
Please look into which forum your problem category falls into. For example, graphic or display problems should be posted in Windows 7 Graphics, and so on. This will help reduce clutter and help people find your post more quickly.
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Tip number one make sure you have the right Forum for you problem and use search first to see if your problem hasn't already been discussed and solved


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Easier said than done.
I would guess a very significant number of posters, are neither experts with computer technology or with the use of forums.
I recently read this from the Administrator.

" Be sure to observe that there are mulitple forums for differential category of problems, specifically under "Windows 7 Help and Support". Windows 7 Discussion was not meant to be a support forum, but there are now, literally, thousands of postings in this forum.
Be aware that this problem now also falls under the Windows 7 Support forum itself, where problems with installations, graphics, display, networking, and other problems, which should go under those support forums have been made. The Windows 7 Support forum itself was designed for problems that go outside of the areas covered in other forums on the site."

No rudeness is intended, but, I find it difficult to interpret those paras. If I was browsing for help with a Windows 7 problem, and found this site, my obvious first instinct would be to click in "Windows Help and support". Having done that, instinct would again prevail, and I would post in "Windows 7 Support".
So many of the sub categories overlap, that it would make sense to post in a "general" category. I can indicate many threads here where a problem has been assumed to be in one of those "subs", where in fact it had nothing to do with it.


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Woops. Unable to edit my previous post as another rule sprang up and I am over a 60 minute limit.
I did not notice, but I appear to have posted in a Vista section.


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I learned something useful about Windows 7 over the last few months. The Zone Alarm firewall can apparently cause inexplicable, unlogged lock-ups and the AVG anti-virus thinger can completely total your goddamn network drivers, preventing internet connection. I figured I'd post this in case ANYONE ELSE had this level of ****.


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today i recieved an error upon opening a program which was : Java(TM) Platform SE binary has stopped working

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.


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I have the exact same problem as Eyeball, is there a solution for this? I can't tell what piece of hardware or which adapter (built it because I have a laptop) this driver is for. I am getting the exact same language in my performance monitor report.

Can anyone provide some insight on this? I want to get rid of this issue as I think it is slowing things down a bit. I have not found any other info on this on this forum.


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I have the exact same problem as Eyeball, is there a solution for this? I can't tell what piece of hardware or which adapter (built it because I have a laptop) this driver is for. I am getting the exact same language in my performance monitor report.

Can anyone provide some insight on this? I want to get rid of this issue as I think it is slowing things down a bit. I have not found any other info on this on this forum.

you need to start your own thread and describe your problem yourself and any other information you can give us please :)
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