Tips, tricks and hacks to make Windows 7 more awesome


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It looks

great, performs well and is packed with so many small improvements that we'll soon forget Vista ever existed. But at the same time, it's important not to get carried away by the hype.
Windows 7 isn't perfect. In fact, it's not even close. Look closely and you'll find it has security problems, interface issues and gaps in functionality, as well as faithfully reproducing common Windows annoyances that have been around for a long time.
Of course, every operating system has its irritations, and you shouldn't let Windows 7's selection put you off upgrading. The key is to understand them. And that's why we've spent weeks with Windows 7, not only uncovering the problems it still contains, but also finding out exactly how to resolve each one.
The results will help enhance any Windows 7 installation – so make sure you follow our guide before you do anything else.


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Great link

Thanks, wow 260 views and 0 replies.... Come on people. We're here for the help, at least you can do is say Thanks:p


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I just joined, fount this post, and found 3 thing I put to immediate use. Thanks heaps. Now for getting my Sony mpeg card working. GRRRR


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Thank you but can you or someone tell me how to get rid of the shortcut arrows that appear on the desktop in windows 7


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Thank you so much ..
this Godmode really have many options ..
i was shocked when i see it ..
Didn't think Windows 7 has this God Mode ..