Too many BSOD's, too little time

This is my 3rd Home built, 1st time with BSOD issues. On my 4th reinstall of Win 7. All new hardware. Minidump analysis and Performance Report attached. To isolate the problem, I have only loaded the video driver,(no apps, no data) and still get BSOD's indicating a ntkrnlmp.exe cause. (Not sure if I should have loaded the chipset driver with the video)The PC even crashed in Safe mode. I have run HDtune, memory testing, and chkdsk /f. Previously I had taken the PC to a repair shop, they reloaded Windows and drivers, but it crashed as soon as I brought it home. Thanks for any help you can offer. DD



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I am not the expert in analyzing BSOD reports, but I always load the chipset drivers first. Video can wait as long as you have the basic display.

The dump file seems to indicate a memory management problem. Can you take some out or move it around?

Otherwise, disconnect anything you can and remove any installed devices for testing. You might use a bootable version of Linux for testing to see if the system is failing because of problems not related to Windows. You might even end up disconnecting the hard drive if you can't get it stable.

Does it crash immediately after starting all the time or will it run for a period of time, then crash. Have you turned off Windows Updates?

Thanks for the tips. I loaded the chipset and updated the bios. I noticed that my 2 sticks of memory were in dimms 3 & 4, so I moved them to the 1 & 2 slots. (Could that be the issue?) I ran 3 passes of memtest 86+, no memory errors.
No BSOD's after about 15 boots today. It was always crashing before,shortly after I booted to desktop, usually while still loading something like Windows updates.

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