too many folders created

Hi, I'm new to W7. When I create a new folder on another network place (usually my server), the pc times out because it creates more than one folder. If I don't do ctrl+ald+del quick enough it creates hundreds of empty folders! The other network places are a mixture of XP, win 98 and win 95 PCs. The server is a Snapserver. This never happened when using my old PC with XP. Is it W7/vista bug or can I fix it?

BTW I did a quick search of the forum but didn't find this question already asked which surprised me!


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Have you by chance "taken Ownership" of the system files or/and folders. (Documents and settings : My Documents (under users -username...etc) That is a "normal" malfunction from doing so.

Thanks. No it doesn't look to be caused by doing that. Further investigation shows that the multiple folders are only produced when trying to create them on the snap appliance server. I get New Folder, New folder (2), New folder (3), etc created instantly. Add this to the problem that I can't delete folders containing documents from the server (even though I'm the administrator) and it's all adding up to W7 not being compatible with the snap server. I'll try browsing the server to see if I can find something in the Network settings that is causing problems with it working with this new PC.


I have the same problem using a Lenovo Thinkpad running Windows Vista Pro and trying to create a folder on a Snap server. I have to go to an older Thinkpad running XP to create a single folder.


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