Toolbar Missing from Taskbar on Startup

Lately at seemingly random times, all of the toolbars except for the language bar are missing when I startup Windows. The only way for me to get them back is to re-activate them again through the menu.

Why does this happen and how can I keep them from being ‘unselected’ from the taskbar?


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Can we assume these are not toolbars included in Windows? Could you tell us what toolbars they are, maybe there is something about them in particular?

The Desktop toolbar and a custom toolbar I use for Folders. Now it isn’t so random any more. I set them, and the next time I turn on the laptop, they are gone again. This has only been in the last two weeks. I scan with FProt and Spybot once a week.

Well, while waiting for a solution, I re-activated my icons for the Desktop. Then I decided to try selecting the Desktop toolbar in the taskbar again. Since then the toolbar will appear every time at startup, but only when I am displaying the icons on the Desktop. If I go back to not showing the icons, the Desktop toolbar gets "unselected". The same thing happens for my custom toolbar.

Maybe a silly question, but, do you have them selected as "Pinned to Taskbar"?

I really cannot believe no one knows what the taskbar toolbars are. Put the cursor on the taskbar. Right click. Toolbars > check the toolbars you want displayed: Address, Links, Tablet PC Input Panel, Desktop, Language bar; New toolbar (used to add a custom toolbar)

These toolbars have nothing to do with a browser.

You don’t pin them. After you select the options to have them displayed the way you want them and position them the order you want you lock the taskbar by checking the option on the menu. Pretty much the same way you did in XP.

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