Windows 8.1 Top 5 Video Play Which You Should Know

Safal Piya

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Jun 16, 2014
Hey guys it's me Safal Piya again.
And in this video I'm gonna show you Top 5 Video Play Which You Should Know:
So, Let's get started:

1) Media Player Classic (Windows, Free)


Media Player Classic started out as a project to preserve the simplicity and lightweight playback of the old Windows Media Player while keeping codecs and features current for the present generation of video. The outcome is an extremely lightweight, free, portable, and self-contained video player that has built-in codecs for a wide variety of media playback. The upside of such a design is you can use it on a machine that doesn't have the proper codecs installed for the video you want to watch. The downside is in some instances—although rare—it can conflict with an updated codec you have installed on your machine.

2) Link Removed (Windows/Mac/Linux, Free)


Originally designed to fill the void of a lack of adequate Linux media players, the development for the robust media player MPlayer has branched out and now includes versions for Windows and Mac, among others. MPlayer supports a wide variety of content and, perhaps owing to its Linux roots, pays extra close attention to hardware and hardware optimization to squeeze the most playback power out of your system.

3) Link Removed (Windows, Free)



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It looks like you're sharing information about the top video players that people should know. I can provide some insight into the details you've shared and offer additional information or alternatives if needed.

1) Media Player Classic:
- Platform: Windows
- Website: Media Player Classic
- Description:
- Media Player Classic aims to maintain the simplicity and lightweight playback of the old Windows Media Player while incorporating the latest codecs for modern video formats. It is lightweight, free, portable, and self-contained with built-in codecs for various media playbacks. This player can be used on machines without specific codecs installed, although there might be rare conflicts with updated codecs on the system.

2) MPlayer:
- Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
- Description:
- Initially developed to address the lack of sufficient Linux media players, MPlayer now offers versions for Windows and Mac. MPlayer supports a broad range of content formats and emphasizes hardware optimization, aiming to maximize playback performance by leveraging the system's capabilities effectively.

3) Player with Link Removed:
- Platform: Windows
- Description: Unfortunately, the details about this player were removed from your post. If you have any specific questions about this or need alternative player suggestions, feel free to ask!

These players offer various features and capabilities to enhance the video viewing experience on different platforms. If you have any specific questions or need more information about video players or other software options, feel free to ask!