Topless Feminists Protest 'Win a Wife' Competition

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    A feminist group in Ukraine has protested a radio station competition to "win a wife" in the most eye-catching way possible -- by removing clothes.

    The Femen Movement is angered by a contest organized by a New Zealand radio station that offered a listener the opportunity to travel to Ukraine and meet women.

    Nine women protested in wintry Kiev by going topless and holding aloft banners that claimed "Ukraine is not a brothel" and "Welcome to hell."

    "Femen warns the lucky winner of the New Zealand competition that he can expect an unhappy ending in Ukraine," activist Olexandra Shevchenko wrote on the group's blog about the naked demonstration.

    "Ukraine is not a brothel and Ukrainian women are not prostitutes."

    Established in 2008 by university students to object to the proliferation of sex tourism in their country, Femen has expanded its protest folio to include broader issues linked to women's rights.

    "Our weapons are bare breasts" is one of the movement's protest chants.


    "This is the only effective way to protest," Femen organizer Anna Gutsol said in an interview with CNN.

    The controversial contest is billed by The Rock FM station in New Zealand as the "Win a Trip To Beautiful Ukraine for 12 Nights and Meet Eastern European Hot Lady Who Maybe One Day You Marry" competition.

    The competition is run in conjunction with a matchmaking service, Endless Love Agency, that claims to be "100% New Zealand owned and operated" and pitched exclusively at New Zealand citizens searching for Ukrainian wives.

    The Endless Love Agency website, which looks like it may have been a cutting-edge design in 1995, also offers guided "romance tours" of Ukraine.

    The Rock FM station, branded as "Bands, Babes, Balls, 'n' Bull," announced the winner as a man called "Greg the Winemaker."

    Asked to describe the "dumbest gift" he'd ever given a woman, he responded, "A custom-made flame retardant racing suit and helmet with my racing team logos embroidered."


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