Windows 7 Torrent & winrar frozen


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Using any Torrent application (bit tornado/utorrent/bit commet) the application as work fine for a month and half and now it sundenly froze at any moment during download, it is not a software issue or driver or network or hardware i have tested all of those posibility's the only thing left is W7 (if i get lucky 1 out of 10 download will go trough and when it froze i end the program but the process still there and i cant end it i have to reboot )

and winrar get stuck at 99% some of the time same thing here the process still hang's

Anyone as or had the same problem or can give any help

Thx alot :)

And after that IE8 is frozen too grrrrrrrr lol
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Well, torrent sites are known for injecting malisious code.

Have you run a complete virus scan?
if your using windows 7 7000 build i had the same problem as you with torrents and winrar (god that was sooo annoying). im most likley thinking its a bug that only some people get for whatever reason because hen i upgraded to 7022 those things wer fixed for me.
I guess ironically by downloading the new built from torrent sites :p I read that it's available through torrent. It is said to be more stable than 7000, but as long as 7000 works fine for me I won't upgrade, especially because I don't know if it's legal.
oh and btw, there is already a newer built than 7022, so I wouldn't bother anyway
there is got to be a fix for this well i hope so :)

Well, torrent sites are known for injecting malisious code.

Have you run a complete virus scan?

yeah first thing i did :)

technically the new build are 7000 with updates already apply so not the way to go i think lol

a 7000 fully updated should be equal to a newer version
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I guess the others were correct on the original build

I normally don't use any torrent program, but I just installed one todaty to grab the 7022 build. the new build installs IE8RC1, which fixes alot of problems with the previous IE beta version.

And, as Blackwolf stated there is a new version, it's 7032, but here's the only changes from 7022:

With Windows 7 Build 7032, Microsoft has also integrated two new themes, named "Architectures" and "Characters" and also included six new wallpapers. Thanks, but I'll pass on that one. Like sysadmins need more eye candy.

Their is not much change in the features in Windows 7 build 7022 and build 7032.We have already stated that Windows 7 Build 7022 has IE RC,the same is their in Windows 7 build 7032 just the version number has been slightly increased.

By the time I submit this post, there will probably be another update leaked.
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Glad to hear you got it.

CCleaner is a very good registry cleaner.

There were probably some invalid keys anf it seems CCleaner di the job,.

Thanks for posting back with a solution to your problem.

My people get it solved but never return back to the post and let us know it's solved.

Very good judgment call
my pleasure if it help someone with the same problem
With my background (sys-admin) i knew i would fine a solution but i was waiting for the last resort with Reg cleaning software sometime they do a lot of damage loll

Keep it up guys one problem at a time :)

P.S Kapersky beta edition for W7 works grade so far !!! powerfull and lite application :)
Thanks for understanding and that's exactly right.

If the poster solves the problem and returns with an answer, the member here might be able to use that solution for someone having the same problem.

Yea, reg cleaners are different in how they examine the structure of the registry. You can run one, and it will tell you all problems have been fixed, then run another one using a different reg cleaner and it may have a multitude of errors itself.

Again, thanks for posting back.
I have a similar problem wiht freezing, only ti's not with the download it's with the OS. It randomly freezes at unspecified intervals.
I'm using an intel board, core 2 duo, 4g of ram. Nothing fancy, but it makes me nuts:)
I wonder if I stop everything that's not MS or Intel from starting at boot if that will help.
At one point I had to remove CMOS battery because I lost all functionallity to the usb ports?
Any ideas?