Total control over Windows 7

I know that you don't have admin rights with Windows 7 dispite being discribed as one, and being listed as one, and even have all the abilities. That's like being the CEO of a company, yet you have to ask the mail boys permission to do anything. I'm quite tired of answering 20 questions, I'm egagerating slightly, before anything runs. Then when it DOES run it takes about 2 minutes to do anything. I'm guessing Windows is doing its little song and dance in the background. Honestly, this is what I think happens, if it were people instead of an OS:

There's a bunch of security guys sitting by a door. Their job is to make sure nothing harmful gets in. They analyize and scrutinize EVERYTHING that comes through that door. A few hours pass and they let the next person through. Alright, going through that once is painful, yet it needs to be done every single time?

I install something. I give it permission. I wait at the progress bar for 2 minutes while my computer sits there and stares at me like a retard. Then finally the progress bar moves. I know it's the security feature, I still don't like it. I remember in Windows XP this would happen.

Me: "Windows. Run that program."
XP: "Yes sir." *Runs program*
Me: :)

There was no negotiation involved. The software I was running wasn't a hostage and I needed to give the okay for a hostage release. The biggest problem is that alot, almost all programs, need to be able to access the system. Windows 7 security features prevents that. They said it was for increased stability. I guess if I can never install something, it won't become unstable. It's like locking an innocent man in prison, so he doesn't commit a crime. Or more accurately. Sealing a man inside a germ free room so he never gets a cold. By increasing the security THAT much it makes it extremely difficult for me, and most people with an IQ higher than their shoe size, to get anything done. I personally do not want to be protected from myself, my mistakes, or have my OS make my choices for me. I want to disable that useless, for me anyway, security option. I want to run something and not answer a survey before anything happens. I want an install to go through without me having to pack a lunch. I know alot of people say to disable the UAC. I disable that then I have to right click and select "Run as administrator" every time I want to run something. All that does is disable the dialog box, not the security. Is there a way to do that? I want an operating system that actually operates. Yes, I have tried Linux and I was astounded at how much better it is over Windows. Thing is all my programs are Windows programs, and that's pretty much all anyone makes programs for. Gee, monopoly anyone? Anyway. That's my issue and I hope you can help.

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit
RAM: 3 Gigs
Processor: 1.8 Quad Core
Hard Drive: Yup, I have one of those
Video card: Yup, got one too

Under an administrator account you can disable UAC, reboot, and you won't be bothered by security nags anymore.

Also, you can right click an exe or a shortcut => properties => compatibility tab => check Run this program as admin

Always Start an Application in Administrator Mode on Windows 7 or Vista - the How-To Geek

Thanks. Is there a way to do that on a GLOBAL scale for present and future programs? I followed the guide that you linked to.

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