touch pad troubles

Well basically my mouse cursor is stuck in the center of the screen. The issue occured on my asus k50ij about 3 days ago. It wasnt a problem before, it worked fine the night before, then the next day i turned it on and the touchpad wasnt working at all, no left or right buttons or the touch sensor itself.
I tried to purchase a new usb wireless mouse to make it easier to troubleshoot. The new mouse installs drivers and is registered within the computer but still doesnt move the cursor.
After learning the usb mouse didnt work, i tried device manager to find anything touchpad or mouse/pointer related but there is nothing within device manager that has to do with my touchpad. After realizing there were no drivers for my touchpad i tried downloading them from asus. Downloaded and installed elanos(or elanor, cant remember) which was the drivers they give for the touch pad. Well that didnt do anything and nothing new appeared in device manager, but it popped up under my mouse options where u change scroll speed and what not.
Then came my next decision. Just reinstall windows. After a fresh install of windows, still no touchpad. Im stuck now and fishing for ideas. Last night was the first night i had time to trouble shoot it. So ill be at it hard tonight. Just hoping to get some helpful insight before start this endeavor.

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