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    Hey everyone i am new to this forum so hi!!
    I have been using windows 7(rc) now as my main operating system and LOVE IT!!! i dont think i have found a major problem or something i dislike about it yet!!
    So i just want to enquire about something. I am going to buy a wii controller to do the low cost whiteboard by johnny lee on his website below!!
    Johnny Chung Lee - Projects - Wii
    Using this i can essentially make my screen a touch screen!! But my question is are all the so called "touch" features already activated as in i could do them with my mouse?? as in slide ie across to go back a page etc etc??
    And my second question is MULTITOUCH:razz:!!!!!! It says on johnny lee's website that you can get it to multitouch! Will i be able to use this in windows 7?? Sort of fool it into thinking that there are two mouse cursors ?? i am a bit confused:confused:!!
    But if this could work it would be awesome!! and pretty much everyone could have a " multitouch screen" without spending loadsof money!!!!
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    Hi and welcome.

    Interesting read there. To answer your second question..

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