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    Hi! First of all, as I couldn't find a cause, I didn't know where to post this thread. If I posted somewhere wrong, please, move it to the correct place. Thank you :)

    Today, I was using my laptop normally when, out of the blue, my touchpad started to behave strange. It would not move around the screen by itself, but its functions were all messed up. I tried reinitialization, restoring the system, removing and installing the synaptics driver, removing the driver again and installing no driver. Nothing worked. In safe mode was the same. The "touch click", however, worked a little. The touchpad now can't be used.
    It's Win7 Home Premium 64bit. I was using at that moment, SKype, Opera, Gom Player, iTunes, firewall Comodo, antivirus Avira, Yahoo widgets and other system softwares I can't remember.
    What can I do???

    PS: After plugging a USB mouse, it would behave the same as the touchpad. I disabled the touchpad and the mouse started behaving correctly. I turned on again the touchpad and it is now partially working (right button doesn't work at all).
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