Trabsferring full retail version to new machine


Dell are going to replace my laptop on which I have installed a full retail version of Windows 7. Is there anything I need to do on the old machine to make sure I can install and activate the operating system on the new machine?

The replacement will actually be 'exactly the same' model and specification.



Noob Whisperer
Actually, if they are identical in every way, you shouldn't have any issues. The only thing that might hang you up is that the mac address of both the wired and wireless adapters aren't going to be the same and I don't know if MS uses those as part of their criteria. Of course removing the install from the machine that's going back so you're not violating any license agreement would be important. In any event a call to the activation phone line if any problem occurs and a brief explanation of what you did should resolve any problems.


Thanks for that. Seems that there are no special un-installation procedures as with some software which does not allow installation on another machine unless the hash records the right number of installations to un-installations.

I am very familiar with the activation process with XP which includes the mac address in the hash.

The full retail license allows installation on another machine but I was just wondering what the mechanism was when it is not possible to un-install an operating system in the same way as other software. Looks like it's just the activation process with nothing to really definitely verify the un-installation from the previous machine.

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