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hello to all--need help--had vista 64bit computer- backedup often onto seagate320gb external hd-- old computer chashed ,done gone-- got new windows 7 computer--- want to transfer from external hd to new computer-- did not do transer tool on old computer just backup-- can not transfer to new computer---any help would be greatly appreciated--thanks


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What are you wanting to transfer - operating, software or data? What software was used to make the backup?


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Hello and welcome to the forums. It would be helpful to know what software you used to backup the old vista computer and if the same software is present on the new Win7 computer. What format is the backup in (file extension (.vhd, .tib))? If you used the normal Vista backup which I believe uses a .VHD file extension, have you tried mounting (attaching) the .VHD backup using the disk management utility in Windows 7? That should allow you to browse the backup and drag and drop files to the new location on the Win7 machine. If you are talking about recovering your programs, then you are most likely out of luck, you'll need to re-install them.
Good luck and keep us posted.

i just used the vista backup--- trying to transfer quicken data and pictures mostly - just total backup of computer--i do know i have to reload programs--thank for help


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While I am not familiar with Quicken I do have some experience with QuickBooks and the last time I checked unless some defaults have changed in more recent versions QuickBooks stores it's working file (QBW) and it's backup files (QBB) in it's own program directory. I do not know if Quicken does the same thing or not and you will likely need to check the software documentation to determine where to find those files that you need to restore and yes you will need to reinstall Quicken onto the Windows 7 machine as simply recovering the program directory will not likely install the proper DLLs, user specific templates and registry entries that are need to successfully run the program.
Recovering your pictures should be relatively easy either by mounting the VHD file that should be located on your external drive or perhaps have a look at this video
Backup Files in Vista and Restore Them in Windows 7 - YouTube from HP on how to recover files from a Vista backup to a Windows 7 machine.

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