Transferring (and finding) files from phone to computer, via Bluetooth...

I recently upgraded to Windows 7 from Vista. With Vista, when I connected my Motorola E815 cellphone via Bluetooth, it showed as an additional "drive" in my files directory, making it easy to simply drag and drop files (pictures, music) from my phone to the computer.

I have successfully connected my phone again to my computer, via Bluetooth, but nowhere can I find where the files show up in my directory. Nor does this mysterious "Device Stage" pop up as was explained in various sites I have visited to resolve this problem.

I also have a new LG Tritan, same problem. Neither phone shows their files with which I can transfer. Nor does my LG show as a separate drive when I connect with its USB cable. In both cases, the phone and comptuer say they are connected, but where do I "find" them on the computer?!?

This is all very frustrating and am regretting upgrading to 7 at this stage.

There are photos on my Motorola that I could like to transfer to my computer via Bluetooth, especially since it is not deactivated and I can no longer just email them to myself! Yes, I know, backing up before hand would have been wise, but when Bluetooth was available, I figured why bother...

Any help at all would be appreicated. I keep thinking there is something I'm mssiing here???

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I also have an LG phone.. and I would not be so quick to blame the Windows operating system. Most cellphones have crappy driver support and driver support falls on the developer of the device. I found that the LG env touch phone is incapable of transferring files using Blutooth over a computer system. You'd have better luck e-mailing the files to yourself from the phone. Using a hard-wired cable I also had difficulties. Some phones, like Motorola phones, have offered updated Windows drivers on the Motorola Developer Website. Other phone manufacturers have just dropped the ball entirely. Most of the time the connection is very poor unless you are using a hard-wired cable going into the system via USB, and even then, this method was designed as some kind of afterthought. The primary reason was to apply firmware updates to the phones.

Yeah, it's hard to tell who is most at fault. The problem here is, my Motorola files are also not showing up in Windows 7, as they did when I was using Vista. With Vista, I connected my Motorola via Bluetooth, and the phone's contents showed as a "drive" under My Computer. No such animal using 7. And I can no longer email those files to myself as the phone is no longer active. A conundrum, for sure...

Only solution I see is to try to find someone else who has Bluetooth on a Vista computer, but it would be nice if the Bluetooth on 7 worked the way it did with Vista. My one and only complaint with 7, so far....

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