Transferring files from WinME to Windows 7

My wife saved her Latin lessons with WinME word pad in *.wps format. Have tried to copy them from "My Documents" via flash drive and CD but her new computer with OS Win7 does not recognize them. We want to donate the old computer but need to get those files transferred.

Would appreciate help. Thank you!


Noob Whisperer
I believe that the documents in question were probably created in a software suite sold by Microsoft called Microsoft Works.
If that is the case and you still have the computer and software inplace, then perhaps opening each document and using the save as dialog box and choosing an alternate format the RichText (.rtf) might be a solution. Of course if there is literally hundreds of them I realize that this may be a daunting task but it may be just one of several possible solutions, perhaps someone else may have another.

Thank you, Trouble. I tried using the old "save as..." but the context menu (R-click) would only give me a "save". In other words, the choice of multiple formats - like rtf etc. (as in "save as...") - was not offered. I used "send to" and then saved on a floppy. The Windows7 computer (I have a portable USB floppy drive....) gave me this error notice:

Works cannot open the xxx.doc file. It may be in use by another application or file format may not be supported by any of the installed converters. Any other ideas?


Noob Whisperer
I'm a bit confused, originally I thought we were talking about files that had a .wps extension and now we seem to be talking about files with a .doc extension.
If the files have already been converted and saved with a .doc extension try the built-in wordpad application within Win7 and see if that will open them. If on the other hand you have just renamed and changed that .wps extension to .doc, then you will need to change it back to .wps, open them using the works suite software on the other computer and resave them using the save as dialog box and choosing the .rtf extension from the drop down it's probably important to note that in doing this some formatting of the document may be lost with the new extension, but the general overall contents should be preserved.
Also you may want to do some more research with google regarding the .wps extension their is quite a bit of references to be found and links to viewers, and converters.
How to open a Works 6.0, a Works 7.0, a Works 8.0, or a Works 9.0 word processing document in Word

Thanks again, Randy.

Sorry about the confusion. The *.wps extension appeared only after doing a "save" in Notepad but suddenly changed to .DOC (yes, in caps!) when copying them to the flash drive. Windows7 would not read them.

I finally hit on the idea of opening Win Word, going to "My Docs" and finding the files there. That allowed me to save them in something called "MS DOS with line breaks" after finding out that "rich text" (*.rtf) would result in "cannot open file as it's being used by another program" (???) when opened in Win 7.

As you mentioned in your first response, I have to rename and save each file individually but that doesn't bother me since only about 15 files are involved.

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