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I cannot transfer files to an SDHC mini card when connected to my Windows 7 computer; no problem on my Windows Vista computer. I've tried changing the drive letter because the drive shows "unallocated", but that didn't work. The drive is showing up in My Computer. I get an error message, "Cannot read from source file". I've selected to give administrator options and everything I know to do to no avail. Help!


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First try another sd card in the drive to determine if the problem is with the card or with the reader.


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If there isn't anything on the card right now, you could try formatting the card on the computer you want to use it with.

Also since it keeps saying Cannot Read From the Source File, try copying the data you want to move, to another location on your hard drive, and then try coping it from there.

This will at least prove that it can be copied.

Another thing you can do is use Grant Full Admin Control, but since it isn't giving you a privileges message, it's a long shot.

Grant Admin Full Control

Take and Grant Full Control Permissions and Ownership in Windows 7 or Vista Right Click Menu « My Digital Life



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I think that it's the card reader. My computer is almost brand new; didn't realize that the card reader didn't work. I can use the card on the Vista desktop with no problems, so I know it's not the card. I thought it was a Windows 7 problem because I've cursed Windows 7 since I got it. :razz: Thanks for your help.


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I do a lot of searching on the Internet for problems and have tried formatting the card and "grant full control permissions", but haven't tried copying the files to another place on the computer. For future reference, I was trying to copy the files to the SD card to use on my Acer Iconiia A500 where I wouldn't have to always stick a usb in. But now I found a program called File Manager HD that allows me to copy files from my usb to an sd card. Problem solved. Thanks!

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