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Well i got transparency working on my User correctly and perfectly, but i have another user for "Randoms" users, if somebody wants to use it, and i make it sure its working fine, but i realize the "Transparency on the Task bar, arent working, and when i click on "Color of the Windows" to activate the Transparency appears like this:

And Not like This

And Its wear because it works just fine on my Desk.

Regards, Mike

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That first graphic, Which i guess is in French,. is the same As Advanced Appearance settings.

So you need to open the first one up first.....I;m getting tired:rolleyes:

I cant open the second one, on the other user, just the First picture, its in "Spanish", =P, i cant modificate the transparency wich is disable, i just can see the windows and task bar on opaque mode, not transparency, because i cant open the second picture to enable it.

Regards Mike


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Mike,. do you get any error message

If so, what us the exact wording?

No error

Well no Error shows.

Maybe somehow modify, i click on personalize normal, like i'm gonna change my wallpaper, and when i try to click for transparency, appear that window, and i cant enable the Transparency, i just wanna know, if there other way/regedit, to enable the transparency, or any option to change to normal mode to advanced, i dont know realy =S.

I create a new account maybe it was corrupted with that user, and happens the same i cant enable the transprency. They are Admins.

Thanks for the Reply



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Hello Mike,

Go To Start Search Programs and Files and yupe in fix problems.

Choose fix problems with transparency and visual effects.

This will bring up the Aero trouble-shooter to see if your video card is good enough to enable transparency.


Hey Thanks to response.

I got a Nvidia 7300 GS Foxconn 256mb DRR2, i think he can handle it.

I had to Format the entire windows, it was quick, i cant solved the problem, it was wear, even the "Transparency TroubleShooter"

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