trash can is too full

I have sort of a weird problem. I was clearing out my Temp folder in my AppData folder and I kind of got carried away. Before I knew it, I had over 60,000 objects in my recycle bin. I have a decent computer with 4 GB of RAM, but every time I try to recycle, windows explorer freezes. Ive tried deleting the files by the 1000, but there has to be another way.

So, my question is, is there a way for me to delete all 60,000 files from my recycle bin at once?


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Have you tried right clicking the recycle bin and choosing "empty recycle bin"
Hope there's nothing important in there.:)

Yeah, my mouse just turns into the little waiting symbol and then an option to end process comes up.


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You may be able to use some third party programs, which have as a part of their processes, cleaning the recycle bin.
I believe Ccleaner as well as ATF cleaner by atribune, both will do this. There may be and probably are quite a few others.


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If still no joy
Click start orb, all programs, accessories, right click command prompt and choose run as administrator
type cd\ and hit enter
at the C:> prompt type rd /s c:\$recycle.bin and hit enter
you should then be challenged with a "Are you sure <Y/N> type Y and hit enter
you may have to reboot or refresh your desktop, I didn't but it won't hurt
see if that helps

For some reason command prompt isnt in my Accessories folder anymore and when I search for it, its not there. Do you know another place it might be?

Oh yeah, I accidentally deleted my Administrative Tools, so if it is in there, it is gone. BTW do you know where I can download my windows 7 admn tools again? I really dont want to use my bootdisk.

LOL I cant believe I forgot how to bring up a command prompt. Its been a long day. Thanks a million for the help. :cool:

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