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Hi folks, my first post here and greetings to all.

I may be in the wrong thread here but here goes. My Acer 7720G laptop has Vista installed, it all works OK.
The Acer L/top on the other hand has a bunch of Acer advertising flashing up if I leave the screen for a few minutes. I have read it all and now it's a pain in the proverbial butt. The ads dissappear as soon as I start work again but I reaaly want them switched off now.

How do I switch it off? Is that possible? I have searched all over and cant any way to switch these flashing ads off, please help.

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Hi Kemical,

Tnx for your response. That was an interesting link you offered, I have bookmarked that for future reference.

However, the problem I had was in fact my unfamiliarity with my laptop. I rechecked my screensaver options and discovered that I had the "Acer" option which is nearly all advertising !! I thought I had the screensaver set to something different but no ! I was fooled by thinking I had a problem with "Flash Payer".

Thanks again ...