Trickster Online (MMORPG) wont work~


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Ok, my friend is having issues with getting this MMO (trickster online) ( to work..

Im on Vista, so I cant help trouble shoot for him ><

he has 2 comps.. 7, and 7 Ultimate I guess. He's running 32bit version.

Problem: He clicks Game Start and gets "exceptional error"

Exceptional Error is Ntreev's error message for any error in general.. So not sure why its happening.

Trickster uses an old version of Gameguard, known to have issues with security problems (in personal experience, it doenst work with newer versions of Comodo Firewall Pro)

So I'm thinking that it's an issue with some Security aspect of Windows 7...

After a bit of searching it appears a LOT of people are having issues w/ Gameguard and Windows 7..

I havent used 7 at all, I dont know any of its new features or anything but pretty familiar with Vista/XP/ME/95/3.1

..soo.. anyone have any ideas of what we could try? <=/

We tried replacing tricksters gameguard with another games gameguard, but it seems that only works for the 64bit version of 7...

If not, you can Dual boot XP and 7 pretty easily right? Know of a good tutorial?

Thanks so much..


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Yeah it doesn't work and there isn't a fix that works either. I was trying to get it running, but I ended up just using XP.

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