Tricky Question?

Hi all... I'm not "that" dumb in networking but not an expert either andI'm having trouble with a 4 desktops workgroup in Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I'm not using the Win7 workgroup functionality but rather trying to share the folders I want using properties/sharing. I've posted this question in two other forums and so far I couldn't get a answer. Or it is really difficult or it is so dumb to ask that nobody cares about....

The situation is the following:

I have a bedroom computer and a family room computer, both running windows 7 ultimate.
The bedroom computer have 1 user called Apollo
The family room computer have 1 user called Zeus
There are other computer and users in the network but they are only important to understand why I don't want to share the folder with "Everyone".

From the bedroom computer (user: Apollo) I want to grant full access to one and just one folder that is located at the family room computer (user: Zeus) and to only to this user. I know how to create a share but I'm not being able to find where I can grant the rights to the family room/Zeus user to access the bedroom/Apollo user/ folder. Nobody else should have access to it.

I open the sharing properties and there are users and locations... I delete everyone from there but there is no way to include the user from another computer. I thought it would be possible using the location button in the sharing properties but this only shows the local machine (bedroom) users and none from the other computer in the network.

Is it possible to do what I'm trying? Or this will be only possible using a Domain?

Thank you all for the help.



Noob Whisperer
Hello and welcome to the forums.
Bedroom computer, create new local user Zeus (same name and password that is used on the family room computer), configure your sharing options using that local user.
Then when Zeus actually logs onto the Family room computer Windows pass-through authentication ought to take care of the rest. Both computers in same workgroup and avoid attempting to use blank passwords.
Hope this helps.

Thanks trouble. This is a known way of doing it and I was hoping there was another one to avoid having multiple users in all computers (in fact the network have six computers). Since I just need to share the folder with one user it won't be that much trouble to do it (in fact it was done already).... It is sad that we can't grant users of the same workgroup rights on other computers without having to create them in each one.

Anyway, thanks for the welcome and for your time answering the question.




Noob Whisperer
Yes, unfortunately in a workgroup environment there is no central repository that hosts a global access control list that includes all the computer names, usernames and passwords. So you are stuck with either including the desired usernames and passwords on the machines hosting the resources and granting permissions that way or providing a username and password that will work on the host machine to a user on another machine.

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